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Greensky: Payment Authorization
Greensky: Payment Authorization

Check out this article to learn more about the new payment authorization step

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Payment Authorization

Due to Federal Government requirements, borrowers will now be prompted to authorize payments on Greensky loans.

Payzer makes this easy by sending the payment authorization and automatically processing the loan payment as soon as your customer approves the charge.

How does it work?

Let's dive into the details!


To authorize and fund the loan, you will process a payment, choosing the Greensky stored payment information.

  1. Navigate to the customer profile, and process a payment

  2. Confirm the invoice, amount, and select stored to choose the Greensky payment method.

3. Enter the current charge amount, total job amount, and select the payment type and submit.

Job complete: taking payment when job is substantially completed

Progress payment: taking a "deposit" on the loan (up tp 20% allowed before the job is complete)

4. The payment authorization is successful!

You can also process a payment from the invoice, job page, mobile app, and the financing dashboard!

Payzer Legacy/Payment Options

  1. Navigate to your Financing Dashboard to accept payment

  2. Confirm payment amount and Greensky funding method, then click to continue

  3. Review the payment details and Request Authorization

It's as easy as that!

How does my customer authorize the payment?

Your customer will receive a link via email/text to authorize the payment.

Once your customer accepts the payment, the funds will automatically be released to you.

Until your customer accepts the payment, you will have a pending Greensky payment shown in your activity.


  • What if my customer rejects the payment? If your customer rejects the payment, Greensky will reach out to the customer to determine why. You can also reach out to Greensky, or call Payzercare, so we can assist you with the matter. Once your customer approves the charge, funds will be released.

  • Do I have to take extra step after the customer authorizes the payment? No, as soon as your customer authorizes the payment, the funds will be released to you.

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